Ali Giusti

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Ali Giusti

Ali grew up in a musical home and quickly developed a passion for music and worship. She started playing flute at the age of ten and began playing in worship bands at the age of thirteen. Her early experiences of playing began with children’s worship under amazing leadership who flowed in the Holy Spirit and inspired the pursuit of musical excellence.

Ali studied for a degree in music as Cardiff University, South Wales. Only three months into her studies, Ali had an accident in which one of her fingers was severed. After a miraculous experience in hospital her finger was reattached and in the following months God arrested her heart and began moving her more and more into worship.

Ali moved to Ireland in 2003, where she met and married her husband Anton and they have three beautiful girls. Her and Anton are associate pastors in the local church and also run a music school with over 240 students.

Ali is passionate about the presence of God and lives to encourage others to walk in all God has prepared for them. She is such an encouragement to the body of Christ as her hunger and thirst for more of a God draws others so deeply into His presence. As a songwriter, Ali speaks from an authentic and deep relationship with God which stirs others to catch a glimpse of Him in new ways.